It’s amazing how time changes things. You grow up, friendships drift apart, new friendships begin. I am a completely different person from who I was 5 years ago. I don’t know that person anymore. Now I’m trying to do what ever I have to do to be happy. Mark and I are happy, Lily is healthy, happy and smart! We are living comfortably. Our place is always the “hang out” place. Which I do love. It’s convenient and I love my friends. I love that I have gotten closer to Steven, Nicole, Shawn, Rob, and all my other good friends. I’m mostly thankful for Tiffany. She has stuck by me through thick and thin. I owe her so much. She is my soul mate. Lol seriously though. She keeps me sane. I do love my life, my job, and I’m excited for the future. I hope my family grows eventually.


this is some airbending shit right here

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I love this woman

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Everything I’ve gotten Lily for Christmas so far….I know it’s October….3 monster high dolls, a baby tinkerbell doll, a robo-puppy, a tamagotchi, 2 my little pony figures she wanted, a new Scentsy Buddie (the unicorn), and little sailor moon figures. I swear I’m stopping for a while lol. I’m gonna work on other family members.

The owls and the moon are Japanese decals that @sorford brought back for me from Japan! I thought they were so cute and perfect for my cell!

My love😘

Took Zoey outside for a bit! She was SOOO happy lol

About to try this. A little nervous…Green Tea and Kinako flavoured…..brought back from Japan by my boss 😊